What a Charade!

Our group from Claremont First Step and artists, Reet So, met for our second creative session in our mission to design a pop up museum based on Blackpool’s fabulous entertainment heritage.



Today was a continuation of the A-Z created at the last session and to develop ideas further, Reet So got the group to select things from the A-Z to act out as a charade. As charades generally cover categories such as film and books, the group came up with symbols to cover other categories such as places, entertainment and people. These categories would be used to describe Blackpool attractions and entertainment. We had some really great charades acted out by members of the group, including arcades, fish and chips, sandcastles and magicians. These were then recorded on a camera for further development during the project.


Recording the Blackpool themed charades




The group concentrated on the parts of the A-Z that were easily acted out as a charade and could produce some good sound recordings. This is an area of exploration for our next few sessions – creating and recording sounds and looking at props.

Volunteer centre 1


blackpool council 1


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