Museum of Liverpool 13/03/15

Members of our community groups and some of our Heritage Champion Guides enjoyed a trip to Museum of Liverpool on Friday. The weather was dull and rainy, but it didn’t stop us having a great day!




The purpose of the trip was to explore the story of Liverpool and how it has been told – in terms of display, interpretation and interactives. We asked the group to think about their experience at the museum and to bear in mind any exhibitions that particularly caught their attention. We also asked the group to consider the interactive elements used in the galleries and if any would be suitable for our pop up museums. We look forward to hearing some feedback at our next sessions!

The museum has a lot to offer, including the vast history of the Liverpool Docks, where the museum itself is situated and a fantastic exhibition called ‘Wondrous Place’ focused on Liverpool’s entertainment heritage. This links very well with Blackpool’s Treasure Trove, as the project is an exploration of Blackpool entertainment heritage from 1950 to present day. Wondrous Place displays stories on Liverpool football history and sporting personalities, various Liverpudlian artists and comedians and of course the remarkable Liverpool music heritage including singers such as Cilla Black and the Fab Four themselves, The Beatles. There were some great links in this exhibition to Blackpool entertainment, for example Ken Dodd, who was born in Liverpool and Punch and Judy, one of the more traditional forms of entertainment used in Liverpool.


Ken Dodd show suit and tickling stick



The traditional entertainment of Punch and Judy.



1960s Liverpool music heritage


Artists Maria and Fran (Costumologists) in the Wondrous Place exhibition.

Our group enjoyed a highlights tour of the galleries before exploring the exhibitions independently. We hope it was an enjoyable and educational day for all who came!


Members of our group enjoying a highlights tour of the galleries.



blackpool council 1

Volunteer centre 1


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