Embroiderers’ Guild session 4 – The Tower rejuvenated!

Our fourth creative session with Blackpool Embroiderers’ Guild and artists, Costumologists yesterday saw the beginning of the development phase of the project. So far, ideas have been flowing and this session was about defining and developing those ideas. Members of the group had brought a few images and collage pieces they’d done at home to demonstrate further thoughts they’d had after our last session.


One of the fab collages made at home, showing Blackpool Tower in the past and the present.

The first task was to re-visit possible concepts discussed last time. The group had looked at the idea of Blackpool Tower and it’s many aspects of history, as well as an illuminations theme. They had explored techniques used for the illuminations artwork and one theme in particular called ‘The Rejuvenator’. This involves the simple idea of something going in one end and coming out the other ‘rejuvenated’. This idea has actually been re-invented a few times for illuminations designs over the decades, the first one dating back to the 40’s and the most recent in 2006. The idea the group had was a ‘rejuvenator’ displaying old Blackpool transformed in to modern Blackpool.


Rounding up ideas from last session.


The group made the decision yesterday that the Tower would definitely be the focus of the pop up museum. The next task Costumologists set the group was an archive activity, looking and cutting up copies of Blackpool Tower archive material covering the circus, the ballrooms and weird and wonderful happenings at the Tower from 1950 to present day. These cuttings were then pieced together on a large collage followed by a group discussion on what the individuals liked and were inspired by.






Discussing the group collage.


The final part of the session was the creation of a spider diagram to record ideas and explore possibilities. The pop up museum will take the form of the Tower, with each side featuring a different aspect of it’s entertainment heritage. The tower will work as a rejuvenator from bottom to top, taking the museum visitor through time from the old to the modern. The illuminations won’t play a huge part in the pop up museum as initially thought. However there will be lights incorporated into the design and the idea of ‘The Rejuvenator’ from illuminations artwork.


Thank you to again to the local and family history library for the use of some of the collections.


blackpool council 1

Volunteer centre 1


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