YAH development session part two – the archives!

Members of our Young at Heart group continued developing ideas for their pop up museum at an archive session on Monday with local historian and family history librarian, Tony Sharkey. Tony had prepared archive material from the Cyril Critchlow collection and various newspaper cuttings and books on the subject areas the group have been looking at. This includes Blackpool cinemas and film stars, side shows and films shot in Blackpool. The latter could be interesting as a Tim Burton film is about to be shot here next week and preliminary coverage could be included if the ideas develop in that direction.



The group explored the material, discussing how the ideas could become a pop up museum. It was decided that Blackpool cinemas alone wouldn’t be exciting enough for a pop up museum, but this could go alongside other ideas and create something based around performance, film and theatre.

The group enjoyed looking through the side show archive, which could be an interesting direction. They have also previously discussed looking at stars that lived in Blackpool and where they are buried. As this information is available to the public online, the group are interested in going to have a look at some of the gravestones which could be the basis of our next session. We currently have lots of weird and wonderful ideas, that could turn into a very different and quirky pop up museum!


blackpool council 1

Volunteer centre 1


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