Claremont and Reet So – development of the final idea (part one)

Yesterday, Claremont First Step and artists, Reet So met for their fifth session on their journey to create a pop up museum. Our last session was over a month ago and so this session involved a recap of what the group have been working towards and further discussions on how the museum should work. The pop up museum will take the form of a guessing game, with clues ranging from facts, to objects. The visitor will have the opportunity to explore these in order to make their guess. At our last session, the group had individually worked on the Blackpool entertainment categories they had chosen during one of our February sessions, What a Charade!, exploring possible words, objects, sounds and charades that could be connected to that particular theme.


The ten categories for the pop up museum, selected by Claremont.

To begin the session yesterday, Reet So produced a basic mock up of how the game would work. This was to check how the group responded to the game and to get them thinking how it could be expanded and if necessary, improved. The reaction was positive, but as some group members were unable to attend yesterday, they will get the opportunity to have a go next week and share their opinions.


The clue cue card


An example of the clues (sound and object) for The Grand Theatre.

The next part of the session involved a group discussion on the finer details of the pop up museum. For example, looking at how the clues should be displayed in terms of scale and layout, looking into possible difficulty ratings for the categories and how the visitor will find out if they have got their answer right or wrong. In order to get the group thinking, the artists presented some examples of innovative design for inspiration and some great ideas were suggested as a result.




Creative thinking on the finer details of the pop up museum.


We hope to expand on this further next week when the group will have their final session. Reet So plan to get the group looking at design – colour, imagery, type etc, as well as building on what was established at yesterday’s session.


blackpool council 1

Volunteer centre 1


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