Only in Blackpool – developing content

Last Wednesday, Blackpool Embroiderers’ Guild and artists, Costumologists completed their fifth and penultimate creative session. This session was focused around content and the stories the pop up museum will tell. Aptly name ‘Only in Blackpool’, the museum will take the form of Blackpool Tower and will interpret an array of Tower related entertainment heritage unique to Blackpool. At the last session, Embroiderers’ Guild session 4 – The Tower rejuvenated, lots of ideas had come together and the Tower design was created. The idea involved four areas of the Blackpool Tower entertainment heritage on each side of the tower, interpreting the old through to the new. A rejuvenator! During session five, it was decided that all four sides of the tower would be too much in terms of content and the content previously discussed must be whittled down. In order to achieve this, Costumologists had created a blank tower made out of card. A blank canvas for the group to add one piece of content they liked. The group used imagery, some of which from the archive and produced drawings and words to communicate the content they would like to include. The outcome was a fabulous mix of ideas against the Blackpool Tower background.

IMG_1335 IMG_1333



IMG_1339 IMG_1340

During the session, the group made references to the Museum of Liverpool trip and more recently our visit to Museum of Lancashire and areas they enjoyed. There have also been reoccurring memories/visuals throughout the sessions, one in particular being the elephants (from the circus) on the beach. Some of the areas explored could be seen as slightly risque in a modern world – all these elements equally compliment the ‘Only in Blackpool’ title.

From the beginning of the project, the Embroiderers’ Guild have always been interested in being a part of building the museum. This would be in the beautiful form of embroidery. Towards the end of the session, the group deliberated what part of the museum could be embroidered. The original idea was a backdrop, but a this could prove difficult with each embroiderer completing their own segment. In the end, bunting was decided on with each embroiderer completing a flag each. After further deliberations on design, the final decision was that each group member will embroider their representation of the Tower. This will fit in fantastically well with the Tower theme and give the museum a real unique edge.

Our next session will involve looking more at the design of the museum and will complete the creative sessions for Embroiderers’ Guild and Costumologists.


blackpool council 1

Volunteer centre 1


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