YAH session five…

Last Thursday, we had a very different session with Young at Heart and artist, Alastair Price, as we went exploring Blackpool stars and comedians… at Carleton Cemetery. The group have been looking at ideas around Blackpool cinema, films, stars and sideshows and the research done at our last session, YAH development session part two – the archives, revealed lots of weird and wonderful performances of various kinds. Previous conversations between the group about local performers and performers that resided in Blackpool have led to ideas around having their graves (with being in Blackpool) as a slightly dark but quirky part of the museum.

Last week we made the trip over to the cemetery where Alastair had researched particular graves for the group to find. The group had a look at some very different graves, from Arthur Worsley who’s grave was very subtle with just a cement flower pot and no inscription, to Norman Evans, who’s grave was a small wall reflecting on his famous act, ‘over the garden wall’. Norman Evans’ grave is a great example of a Blackpool performer wanting to be remembered by his daft acts in death, and out of death comes some some positivity and a little comedy. At each grave, a member of the group read a blurb about the artist’s life and death.



Norman Evans, his last garden wall


IMG_1352 IMG_1353

We look forward to seeing how the group bring their ideas together, including this very unique element at their final session this week.


blackpool council 1

Volunteer centre 1


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