Only in Blackpool, the final session!

Our final creative session with Blackpool Embroiderers’ Guild and artists, Costumologists was filled with ideas for the final look of their pop up museum, which the group have been working on since January. At our last session, Only in Blackpool – developing content, the artists had created a blank canvas for the group to add possible content to. The pop up museum, named ‘Only in Blackpool’ will take the form of Blackpool Tower and will interpret tower heritage from 1950 to present day – heritage that is unique to Blackpool. At our session yesterday, Costumologists had produced another blank canvas, this time with a backdrop and surrounding area. Each member of the group was given a piece of content developed at our last session and worked individually on how this could be interpreted and created on the pop up museum. The content ranged from the Wurlitzer, to crocodiles (!) and after a few minutes deliberation each person gave feedback on the ideas they had come up with. There was a lot of discussion on interactive elements for the museum and how visitors will approach the pop up museum.



IMG_1430 IMG_1432

As part of the pop up museum, the embroiderers are creating bunting which will come off the tower. Each embroiderer will create their own flag, the theme being Blackpool Tower. The group brought in five flags that have already been completed and how wonderfully different they were! They will be a fabulous addition to Only in Blackpool!


The beautiful bunting flags made by the Embroiderers.


Yesterday proved another very creative session, brimming with ideas and a great finish to the Embroiderers’ artist sessions. Thank you to Blackpool Embroiderers’ Guild and Costumologists for all their hard work on the project.

We will be seeing all the groups again at a Dragon’s Den style event we have organised for a few weeks time. This will give the groups the opportunity to see the artists’ final designs for the pop up museums and present their pop up museum idea to the other groups. We look forward to seeing everyone in a few weeks and seeing those all important final designs!


blackpool council 1

Volunteer centre 1


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